Parking at CUC Events

We will help out with Parking for events at CUC, there are age restrictions. Parking attendants are paid during the show and typically get to see PART of the show. There is usually a shift (20 min or so) outside during the concert.

The parking nights are typically 5-6 hours long depending on the band so people earn approx. $55-66 per event. As a fundraiser, this adds up quick.


I am also going to reinstate an option that we did for our trip out for Nationals a few years ago... we will "track" your hours which you donate to these events. Part of the money will go to fundraising for the club and the other half will go to YOU PERSONALLY to help you pay for equipment, merchandise OR travel to events. This will be an option for ALL students... for example if Brett's Mom works 1 shift and makes $55, Brett will earn $30 of "Credit" for HIMSELF, and "$25" for the club for the total of $55


The big issue is that there are limited number of spots that the Karate club would have available for each event, so if you want to work them you have to sign up AND make sure you SHOW up or we will be in big trouble. This is a pretty easy gig and gets people into concerts for free as a bonus.... :)


The current Dates available to be worked are in the chart to the right of this information (none currently planned).


To sign up please CLICK HERE!



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